Healthy Hounds Case Study

The Results

The key results are: 219% increase in revenue against the same period last year, and within the first 5 months of working together we achieved an ROI of 11 on their total investment.

Background & Approach

Healthy Hounds have been successful sellers on Amazon for a few years, but they were looking for an agency to help them push it further. We started with an extensive audit, as we do with all new clients. From this, we developed our plan of action which identified all the areas that could be improved.

After implementing new A+ Content, Copy, Advertising, and Infographics the results that were achieved were phenomenol, and they’re continuing to rise!

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Healthy Hounds Testimonial

The Amazon side of our business had grown to the point where we knew we couldn’t manage it all ourselves and would need to seek outside help. After a lot of very careful research, we found Smorgas Box. I could see that Kerra had helped others with setting up listings properly, keywords etc. but we needed something additional. We needed someone not only overhaul our listings to make sure they were working to the optimum. Someone to help with, and take over certain aspects of the running of the account, to help grow it, and to be on top of split testing, PPC, and other areas to make sure everything was working the best it could for us, therefore giving us time to focus on other parts of our business.

In our initial zoom meeting we discussed what we may need, and Kerra immediately made us feel relaxed and comfortable. A detailed proposal and analysis was drawn up and later agreed. I can honestly say that we’ve gone from being totally overwhelmed by our Amazon account to feeling like a massive weight has been lifted from our shoulders. Kerra’s knowledge from grass roots level, and her patience, implementation and advice have been invaluable. We feel totally confident that our listings are optimised and watched over, and aren’t wondering if we’ve done something wrong or missed something out as we did when we were managing the account on our own. We’ve also seen our sales continue to grow steadily since we’ve started working with Smorgas Box. I was worried that we’d maybe hit a glass ceiling with what we could do, but Kerra has helped us smash through that. The service provided is clear, concise, professional and understanding. Choosing Kerra and Smorgas Box has been a superb investment for us, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. We know we’re in safe hands.

Lara Waddell