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When our client first approached us her brand’s sales had hit the glass ceiling. We knew her brand had massive potential, so we decided to turn things around with a massive overhaul of her account. Here’s how.

The Problem

Our client’s Amazon had grown to the point where they knew they couldn’t handle it all themselves and were looking for some outside help to manage it all. Their sales had hit a glass ceiling, but they had no idea how to push it further. They were stressed, overwhelmed, and couldn’t figure out how to develop their business further.

The Solution

The first step for us is always to produce a full audit of the brand, product, and competitors to assess the health of the account. This allows us to identify exactly what keywords and categories we need to target, as well as produce a full plan of action to guide the next few months work. It is our secret recipe to success! 

Through this process we were able to identify that their copy, infographics, A+ Content, and Brand Store needed updating. We also identified that they weren’t using PPC to their full potential, and there were some improvements needed in their ACOS.

We set to work creating them SEO’d copy using our data driven tools, as well as new infographics, A+ Content, and a beautiful Brand Store. We left no stone unturned. 

How we managed to achieve the amazing ROI of 11 was by looking at their account holistically, and fixing every element that was underperforming. This is key – no two accounts are the same, and there is no set formula that will work for every account.

We still work on this account and continue to see improvements month on month. 

Five months into working together, we increased their sales by 214%, and they saw an 11X return on their investment. The glass ceiling has well and truly been smashed.

The Result

Our client now has consistent sales which are increasing month on month.

Within the first 5 months of working together they saw a 214% increase in revenue against the same period last year and an ROI of 11 on their total investment.

They also have an extra $55k per month coming into their business. 

They feel like a weight has been lifted and trust us to continue to manage their Amazon account.

Services We Offered

Our involvement of full Amazon account management included:

  • Full audit of their account and listings followed up with a solid plan of action.

  • Content creation for listing optimisation, infographic images, A+ Content, and Brand Store to increase brand recognition, improve conversion rates, and increase rankings.

  • Troubleshooting to fix any outstanding issues and keep on top of any that arise. 

  • Increasing their reviews and handling negative ones.

  • Amazon Advertising launch and ongoing optimisation to improve ACOS and increase rankings.

  • Ongoing strategy to continually boost sales month after month.

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INCOME DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are sales figures from (personal results, client results). Results are not typical. We are not implying that you will be able to duplicate these results and are using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors…including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action.