How to create A+ content 

How to create A+ content 

Create A+ content

What Is Amazon A+ Content? 

Amazon A+ Content is a brand’s secret weapon to help them stand out from the crowd. Ultimately it is your store assistant in the form of enhanced product detail for your Amazon product pages containing high-quality images, comparison charts, video content, FAQs, graphic design and more. Consumers these days have come to expect personalised service and top-notch content. To keep up with what consumers have come to expect, Amazon has designed A+ Content to help shoppers make more informed decisions. A+ content is your chance to highlight your product’s USP and let your brand shine. Keeping your A+ content in line with your brand guidelines and website will help connect with your customer and build trust. 

Client Example A+ content 

Have a look at one of our client’s Healthy Hounds. We created branded visuals, combined with informative copy whilst featuring the benefits of the product on full display. 

Client Example

Now, compare the Paw Originals page which sells a like-for-like product but doesn’t have A+ Content. 

Bad example

You lose out on the opportunity to win over a customer at the decision stage if you do not have any A+ content. You may also still be leaving the customer with unanswered question which will push them in the direction of your competitor who may have all the answers through their A+ content. Amazon A+ Content can enable you to differentiate yourself from competitors, build customer trust, increase conversion rates, and establish long-term brand loyalty. A bonus is it can even lead to higher rankings on Amazon search engine results pages. 

Why is Amazon A+ Content important? 

As you can see without A+ Content you are feeding the hands of your competitors, and no one wants that. You can increase your Amazon sales by up to 10% just by adding A+ Content to your page which is back by data released by Amazon! It is easy to see why it boosts conversion rates considering the visuals and copy you can create to sway customers to purchase. Our brain processes most of the information we receive visually, and most people learn easier this way. 

Why is Amazon A+ Content important?

Beyond convincing on-the-fence shoppers to purchase, A+ Content can improve other financial metrics. With increased conversion rates and better organic ranking, you’ll enjoy a reduction in advertising cost of sale (ACoS) and an increase in return on advertising spend (ROAS). 

Who Can Use Amazon A+ Content? 

If you appear on Amazon’s Brand Registry, then A+ Content is available to you. If you have not applied for Amazon Brand Registry, you can apply here. Once approved, you can add A+ Content to any product in your inventory.  

How to create Amazon A+ Content 

You have two options when it comes to creating A+ Content, do the “Self-Service” or the “Amazon Builds for You” approach. If you want 100% control of the imagery, copy and other content then you want Self Service. If you opt for the other service, you upload content files to Amazon and they take it from there. This path may be convenient but has limitations when it comes to content customisation and control.  

On Amazon Seller Central, brand-registered sellers can see the step-by-step process. Head to your homepage on Amazon Seller Central to begin. From the Advertising menu, click A+ Content and then Start Creating A+ Content.  You can choose among the various Amazon A+ Content templates and start building your content. Note that Amazon has 15 available modules to build your template. With each content module, you must adhere to image requirements. Your brand logo should contain a 600 x 180-pixel image and the header image should be 970 x 600 pixels. You can find Amazon’s image guide for A+ content on their website. 

Creating the content is no easy task you will need expert knowledge, creative skills, and continuous monitoring and optimization whilst staying up to date with the ever-changing rules and regulations. You will need an expert team for images, videos, layout, graphic design and a copywriter. If you don’t have an in-house team, consider working with an Amazon partner agency like Smorgas Box. You can book a discovery call with our MD and founder Kerra here

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines and Restrictions 

There is a lot of creative freedom with A+ content but it comes with restrictions. If your images are blurry or low-quality and overlaying text is not readable Amazon may reject it. 

What’s Amazon will reject 

  • Warranties, satisfaction guarantees, and references to off-Amazon refunds and returns 
  • Terminology such as “cheap”, “free”, or “affordable”, or encouraging language to purchase, such as “get yours now” 
  • Shipping details like “free shipping” 
  • Copyright, trademark, or registered symbols 
  • Boastful language, I.e.  “#1 product on the market” 
  • Time-sensitive language like “on sale for a limited time” 
  • Product awards without a reference or disclaimer 
  • Links or language attempting to direct the shopper to other sites  
  • All-caps text or punctuation errors 

Before creating your A+ content, read over category requirements and selling policies

How Much Does Amazon A+ Content Cost? 

You can gain an advantage over your competition without having to make a financial investment because A+ Content is free. The only part that will cost is either having a talented internal team or working with an expert Amazon partner agency to do the work. If done correctly this should pay off more in the end. At Smorgas Box we have seen sales increases of up to 400% within 3 months for some of our clients. 

A+ or nothing 

If you’re interested in learning more about A+ Content or hiring an agency to take control of that aspect, then Smorgas Box can help your brand. We not only create and manage your A+ Content but also enhance your Amazon presence in other ways. You can find our services on our website or book a discovery call with our founder Kerra. 

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